Frequently Asked Questions

Reveller Music is an application for artists, producers, hobbyists and professionals alike. With the application you can easily track and store your musical ideas and songs. You can even collaborate with other users to share your work with others. This is beneficial for example in band context where you want to iterate over single songs and keep everyody up to speed on the progress.
Each user has a personal artist space to keep track of your personal ideas and songs that you do not yet want to share with other users/artists. You cannot share or delete your personal artist space.
When creating new artist spaces you can choose to invite other users to collaborate on the artist. You need to choose the access level for the users. Different access level grants different user rights to the artist. You can always invite/revoke user access on the edit artists view. NOTE: By adding collaborators you agree on sharing the artist data (ideas/songs) with the collaborators.
Each application tier has specific storage/artist limits. If you have used your quota, you cannot upload new material before either upgrading to the next tier or by freeing some space by deleting unused items. Check out current plan offerings from Revelle Music Home Page.
On the application you can go to the "Settings/Account Settings" to invoke account deletion. NOTE: This will delete all your ideas and songs from your personal artist space and other artists EXCEPT the artist that have other users set as OWNER.
If you are the only user in that artist you can only delete the artist. If there are multiple collaborators in the artist and you are the only owner of that artist, you need to first assign another user as an owner before you can leave the artist (other option is to delete the whole artist so that all the data is deleted as well).